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Five Dog Solutions is your locally owned and operated Amarillo Online Marketing Company. Our company was started in 2014, and has over 24 years of experience in the world wide web & SEO industry. We are rated the #1 Web Development Firm in Amarillo, Texas. SEO Amarillo.

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Your website is only 10% of what you need online to succeed!

Amarillo SEO

Amarillo SEO

Amarillo SEO has complex elements that are over looked in most websites. Geotagging is insuring your content reaches the geographical target it needs to effect the best result...

Amarillo Website Design

Amarillo Web Design

Amarillo Web Design has different skill sets used in the production and maintenance of web design. Graphic design, standardized coding, search engine optimization and many more...

Amarillo Online Marketing

Amarillo Online Marketing

Amarillo Online Marketing are concepts and methods used in the promotion of services and products. Reaching into the B2B and B2C areas and converting more traffic into buyers...


We are constantly working to improve your web presence. Let us show you what your clients are looking for. We will bring in 
new clients that you do not have to spend hours managing SEO.


Get a Top Spot in Google Ranking under the listings you need to be found in. Understand the buyers cycle. Let us be your ranking coach for SEO. It just takes hard work.


Find your demographics. Who is looking for you? When are they looking? Where are they looking?
Add this to SEO Prospecting, and you have a winning combination.


Find out where the people who need your service or product are located, and use the information to market to those people through SEO. Pre-qualify your potential clients.


Your needs are listed and checked off as they are accomplished. Business decisions are made that impact your bottom line.


Your project is then put in order, so that when someone comes to your site they can find what they are looking for with the minimum amount of clicks. This produces happy clients.


Discussions of what you are wanting to convey to your clients. Whether it is appointments, products, or services. Shout them out!


The launch of a website is exciting. You get to see the labor of your hard work and your vision come to life. Every site is double checked by our clients before it is launched.


We create awesome, mobile friendly websites that have the standards Google requires!
Click here to see how well you do in Google's Mobile Test.

We check all of our sites and pages with the standard W3C Markup Validation Service.
SEO Amarillo 
Click here to see if your website has errors or warnings that could hinder good rankings!

50% of your ranking factor is how well you site is constructed and whether or not Google can index it properly. Get ranked on Google's Search Engine Result Pages.

Your website should showcase your business.

Find a Web Design Agency that can create your vision.

The structure of your website and how it affects SEO - Your website should showcase your business.

Five Dog Solutions creates websites with performance in mind. Getting found in Google should be the top priority of your web designer. SEO is the answer.

Site Rankings are a must. If you don't show in the first page in Google, you don't exist. Remember the old joke: "Where is the best place to bury a body?" "On page 2 of Google."

The next question to answer is: When your prospective client is searching for products or services that you have, what are they typing into the Google search bar to look? Do you show up in those search results as a relevant result? SEO is the solution 

Is your business found when potential clients look for you?

Your website should rank in the correct searches

Web Design that is responsive and mobile for all users.

Website SEO - Search Engine Optimization in Amarillo Tx Your website should rank in the correct searches

Mobile Speeds are now a ranking factor for Google search engines. Google wants your site to load in 3.2 seconds on a 3G network. Standards set for 2020. 

Longtail Keywords: Finding out how your clients talk, and what words they are typing in their queries, is top prority for being found on searches. Search Engine Optimization

Conversion Rates rise when you qualify who is coming to your website. Believe it or not, you do not want to catch everyone you can, you only want the people that are looking to buy your services or products. Have you ever clicked a link and landed on a site that did not fit what you clicked on?  SEO Services address that issue.

What are your clients searching for? Hint: Not your name.

Your website should be found in Google

Find a Web Design Agency that knows Amarillo SEO.

Website SEO - Search Engine Optimization in Amarillo Tx - Your website should be found in Google

Two Audiences need to be satisfied: Google and Humans. If Google isn't happy, you don't rank, and if you don't rank, you are harder to find. This means fewer potential clients see you. SEO Solutions help turn you to a better website design.

Google Analytic Results When you track your Analytics, you begin to see trending actions that allow you to make business decisions. SEO is a key factor in the results.

Search Engine Optimization is in short: The code and layout of your website as seen by Google in the best light possible. Formatting headers and meta tags are but a few things Google looks at when ranking a page. Over 1000s of factors are used to rank a web page. 

98% of our clients are first in Google Search Engine Result Pages.

Your website should make you money.

Find a Web Design Agency that can market your vision.

SEO Campaigns That Facilitate Growth and Success in Amarillo Tx - Your website should make you money.

Increase Traffic In Top Areas there are 41 steps to a complete online strategy. Websites are only 10% of what you need online to achieve a great presence. SEO can help. 

Social Media Presence You need an active social media presence for online comments and discussions from your potential and existing clients. This should not be a rolling banner of advertisements.

Get involved and be social when you are online or in the streets. If someone comes up to you and asks a question, be polite and answer them. Be it online or in person, you should show your knowledge and commitment. After all they could be your next client.

Make your online presence as large as life. Your competitors are.

Clients Come First

We look out for your best Online needs. You are notified when something comes along that could potentially damage your online presence.

SEO In Amarillo Texas.


100% Client Involvement

Weekly meeting to keep your project on track, and YOU in charge of your business decisions.


Changes made by Google daily

They change how you need to do things online for the best results quite often. Stay knowledgeable.


Over 300 websites built

Be one of the elite websites in the Amarillo Area.


Ways to build a website

It is hard work to build a website that performs well.

Some of our happy clients:

Join the family! Come by and let us show you what we can do for you. No contracts, and we bill after we do the work!

Thomas Safety Solutions

Our Websites Are Custom Designed

Every client gets a custom website designed for them by Five Dog Solutions. No templates used. If you want a change, it is made on the spot. SEO is a leading factor in our website design.


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